Lovin' Dubs founder Phil started out by offering to drive a group of his friends to a wedding.  At the time he owned a classic powder blue VW campervan - and made the offer just for fun – yet the reaction from everyone on board was quite unforgettable. 


Fun and laughter combined with the inevitable pre-wedding adrenaline rush proved addictive to Phil as he chaffeured the excited, chattering group to the ceremony.


The Lovin’ Dubs service has developed greatly since that first outing back in 2006. Our best-in-show quality vw camper vans now chauffeur as many brides as grooms, and the service is now the all-year-round passion of this dedicated, West Midlands based, VW enthusiast.



Preparing for your day


When he isn’t calmly and confidently chauffeuring a bride or groom on their day, Phil is passionately caring for the Lovin’Dubs campers (not forgetting the beloved VW family beetle), making sure they are in perfect show condition for that extra special drive. 


But at Lovin'Dubs we don’t really like to keep talking about ourselves…



It’s all about you


We truely believe that what matters far more than the vehicles and their personalities…and our passion for what we do…is you and what you want from your day. 


We are confident you will love every minute as Hannah, our classic 1965 split-screen, sweeps you and your loved ones safely along to your venue. 


Not only will you turn the heads of onlookers along the way – we are convinced your guests will be equally spellbound when you arrive.  Whatever style of wedding is right for you, we know our classic vw camper will fit right in perfectly.


If you would like to chat over your ideas for your big day or romantic retreat or you would like us to recommend a bespoke package to suit your needs then please give us a call or text us on 07914 120581 or email us here.